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Air Duct Cleaning Atlanta GA

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Air Duct Cleaning Atlanta GA

Who are we?

We are the hassle-free answer to all your duct and vent related problems, such as air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, installation, repair and service of HVAC systems, furnace cleaning, AC unit cleaning, and installation and service of germicidal UV light systems.

What's in YOUR Ducts?

Have you ever stopped to think about what could be in the duct work system in your home? Dirt, pollen and other allergens can be in your ducts and as the conditioned air travels through your duct work into your home these pollutants can be carried with it.

Protect your Family!

Poor indoor air quality impacting the health and comfort of your family, but children and the elderly who suffer from allergies and respiratory ailments are more vulnerable to the polluted air in your home. Protect your family by scheduling duct cleaning on regular bases.

Prevents dry fire

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that over 15,000 dryer-related fires occur each year, causing an estimated $ 97 million in property loss.

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Air duct cleaning is the process of cleaning your HVAC system. This should only be done by a professional and reputable air duct cleaning Orlando Florida Company to ensure it is done right. It should be done when you think that your ducts look dirty. Other signs that tell you its time for cleaning include dirty supply & return vent covers, dark filtration lines on the ceiling, wall and carpet that surround the vents, too much dust in the house, variance of airflow or temperature in the house, increase in energy needs required to run the system, new ductwork or furnace, recent construction/remodel project and flooding or water damage that happed to duct work which can cause sediment build up in the system.

If you notice some of the above signs, the main reason to call in air duct cleaning Orlando Florida experts include:

Indoor air quality

This is one of the main concerns for homeowners who invest in air duct cleaning. A lot of dust is normally produced in the house via everyday living. The cooling and heating systems can be described as the lungs of the house. This is because the system actually takes in air and then breathes it out. Through normal living circumstances, a great deal of contaminants are drawn to the HAVC system and then re-circulated about 5 to 7 times a day. After some time, the contaminants can build up in the duct work. Despite the fact that dirty ducts don’t necessarily mean that you have unhealthy air at the work place, school or home, they may end up contributing a great deal to a number of health issues especially for people who have respiratory conditions, environmental allergies and autoimmune disorders.

Energy saving

Expert studies show that about 25-40% of the energy used for cooling or heating a home normally go to waste. This is another major reason why air duct cleaning Orlando Florida professionals should be called in to do the job for the simple reason that contaminants in the cooling and heating system cause it to work harder to function properly and even shortens its life. Even when filters are used, the cooling and heating system can still get dirty via normal use. When the system is clean, it will not have to work hard to function properly and maintain the temperatures you want. As a result of this, less energy is required. This helps you save money as it enhances cost effectiveness.

Prevents dry fire

While the professionals are cleaning the air ducts, they also go ahead and clean the dryer vents. This is very important as it can help in the prevention of dry fire occurrence in the home, office, school or any other institution.

To ensure you fully benefit from the benefits of the work that will be done by the air duct cleaning Orlando Florida experts, they should come in at least every 3- 5 years. Do not listen to contractors who say that it should be done more frequently. It is also advisable to have it done when you move into a new home or after you finish a remodeling project.

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